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Our primary purpose is to promote, sustain, and enhance Eastern Orthodox Christian education, and the Eastern Orthodox Christians seeking to further their education who come from within the servicing area of Klickitat County, WA, and the counties of Wasco, Sherman, & Gilliam, OR.

We can give grants for immediate use. We also have a long-term goal of starting an endowment fund and eventually funding a parish school.

If you are an Orthodox Christian in our service area and you need help to fund your education or that of your children, please click "Apply", fill out the application, and email it or print it and hand it to one of our board members.

Our funds are for any Orthodox Christian who needs funds for education.


Ideas for grant funds:

  • Music Lessons

  • Tutoring

  • Books and Materials for college or homeschooling

  • Collage, Trade School, or Seminary Tuition

  • Vocational Training

  • Art Lessons

  • Computers and other technology

  • Homeschool field trips

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